Never chase after payment for a water, electricity or gas bill again!

Nectar© makes it easy to receive payment before use. Simply install *free STS certified prepaid meters, create an account on Nectar© and begin generating prepaid STS compliant tokens. * Terms and conditions apply

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Nectar© is the only cloud based STS token generator that allows you to begin receiving payment via MPESA for your service before use in minutes. Nectar is IEC62055-41:2018 (STS) compliant and supports DES (DKGA02) and KDF-HMAC-SHA-256 (DKGA04) as well as STA (EA07) and MISTY1 (EA11).

FREE Set Up Cost

No set up fees or equipment installation required. No registration or maintenance fees for service providers or customers.

MPESA Integration

Your customers can pay for your service using MPESA and these payments are sent directly to your bank or MPESA account.

Meter included plans

Procure new or use existing IEC 620455-41 (STS) compliant prepayment meters with Nectar©.

Dynamic Tariff Management

Customize your charges for your services at any time using the Nectar© web panel.

Customizable look and feel

Change Nectar© to your company's branding so that your customers receive tokens from the brand they trust

Fast, reliable Token Generation

Nectar© uses the most popular pre-payment standard in the world (IEC62055-41/STS) with 99.99% uptime.

Nectar API

Nectar© API is a cloud-based, publicly accessible, STS token generator that allows utilities and service providers to generate prepaid STS tokens for their networks and grids securely and reliably in just a few easy steps. Nectar© API is IEC62055-41:2018 (STS Ed2/STS 6) compliant.

Easy Quick Setup

No set up fees or equipment installation required. Simply encrypt and upload your STS credentials into the Nectar API portal and begin generating tokens in minutes. Try it out.

Latest STS standard support

The Nectar API supports KDF-HMAC-SHA-256 (DKGA04) decoder key generation algorithms and STA (EA07) and MISTY1 (EA11) for token generation.

Nectar API Portal

The Nectar API portal offers a web based HES for service providers to manage multiple STS configurations, view token generation trends and buy credits.

SDK Support

To ease integration with the Nectar API for token generation, Java, Python and PHP SDKs are available here.


Full Nectar API documentation is available with additional first time set up guides added to the blog to make integration easy and seamless.

Fast, Secure and Reliable Token Generation

Secure STS configurations management via a virtual HSM, coupled with 99.99% uptime and a distributed architecture.


Nectar© provides the following plans for water/gas prepaid meters and electricity prepaid sub-meters. Please feel free to reach us at for additional pricing details.

Free Plan

KES 0per prepaid meter

  • *Free prepaid water, electricity and gas meters
  • Free Nectar Portal Account
  • 16% /Token value Processing Charge
  • 2 Year Support
  • * Minimum consumption must be more than KES 1,800 per meter per month
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Electricity Plan

KES 4,500per prepaid electricity meter

  • KES 4,500 for prepaid electricity meter
  • Free Nectar Portal Account
  • KES 11 /Token Processing Charge
  • 2 Year Support
  • No minimum consumption requirement per meter per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most common questions we get asked when using prepayment in general, and the advantages Nectar© has over traditional prepayment software.

  • What is prepayment and how can it help me as a service provider?

    Prepayment is a mode of payment where you as a service provider receive payment for your service before consumption. Using Nectar©, you as a service provider offering electricity, water or gas, no longer have to chase for payment. Instead, your customers pay for your services before use, based on rates that you set using the Nectar© Dashboard. They then receive tokens (20 digits numbers) via the web and SMS for a volume commensurate to their payment. Your customers then enter these tokens a prepaid meter that monitors consumption until the volume procured is exhausted, after which your customers have to procure additional tokens again. Nectar© supports the latest version the most pervasive prepayment standard in the world called the STS standard (IEC 62055-41:2018).

  • Other token generation system are large, expensive enterprise applications that require a data center, hardware security modules and 3rd party payment gateways before they can receive payments and generate STS prepaid tokens. In addition, they lack a rich web and USSD platform through which the utility and their customers can procure tokens and monitor consumption. Nectar© however, is a cloud based application that requires no set up to begin using prepayment. Simply create an account as a service provider for you and your customers and you are good to go! In addition, Nectar© includes a rich web dashboard as well as payment integration via MPESA. Therefore, for service providers with STS certified prepaid meters, they can begin to use Nectar© immediately and begin receiving payment for their service before use.

  • Nectar© provides electricity, water and gas prepaid meters as a subsidized price to service providers with higher volume customers getting lower prices. However, Nectar© works with meters from any of the over 50 manufacturers worldwide who manufacturer STS certified prepaid meters. Prepayment has been in use since 1999 and is growing exponentially to allow cheaper, good quality meters to be developed. Contact us at to find out how you can get STS certified prepaid meters.

  • Nectar© using its MPESA integration to receive payments and send these payments to service providers. Service providers therefore, need to add a valid MPESA Safaricom number on their accounts in Nectar© or valid bank account numbers. Currently, only banks in Kenya are supported.

  • Yes, Nectar© can be white-labelled to ensure that any service providers customers see your branding and colors. Please contact us at for more details.


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